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We are a direct marketing agency specializing  in the Telco industry and a recognized leader in Lead Generation & Contact Data services. Our success has been built on three main pillars :

1. A unique, internal and updated database of currently 140,000 worldwide decision makers among Communication Service Providers (Mobile Operators, Fixed Telcos, MVNOs, ISPs, Cable Operators, VoIP Service Providers, Telecom Integrators, Broadcasters, WISPs, Network Equipment Providers, Wholesalers, etc.).

2. A very strong expertise in the Telco industry since this is our unique market and background.

3. A positive ROI: we reach or go beyond our initial objectives for 95% of our campaigns and most clients become repeat customers.

Our most successful direct marketing campaigns are the following :

The campaigns carried out are designed to achieve tangible results (qualified leads and contact data) and offer the most positive Return on Investment (ROI) you can expect from marketing initiatives. Managed by motivated senior telemarketers since 2005, our Direct Marketing campaigns are profitable because we combine our expertise in the Telecom industry with our data base of 140,000 decision makers worldwide. Consolidating these resources enables us to quickly identify and qualify projects that are of benefit and interest to you.